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Agile Coaching Strategies, LLC was founded by Joe Gendron to follow his passion of financial coaching and to share what he has learned to help others get out of debt, grow wealth, and live a life of financial peace.

Joe, now the CEO and Owner of Agile Coaching Strategies, LLC, was previously a successful IT Senior Manager with 20+ years of experience in the financial sector, working with two of the top banks in the country.  He led large scale IT projects, Agile transformations, and process excellence initiatives, all while mentoring, coaching and training everyone from bank leadership to new employees.  Now he uses his gifts of coaching, mentoring, and applied knowledge to help others on their path to achieving financial peace of mind and independence. 

Based in the Richmond, VA area, Joe provides Financial Coaching worldwide.  He is a Ramsey Preferred Master Coach, a Financial Peace University Coordinator, and a member of the Financial Coach Academy. 

Ramsey Financial Coach Master Training Certificate of Completion - Joe Gendron.   Class is from Ramsey Solutions and certificate is signed by Dave Ramsey from the Ramsey Show (previously the Dave Ramsey Show), which also includes Rachel Cruze, George Kamel, Dr. John Delony, Ken Coleman, Jade Warsaw, Eddie Culin, and formerly, Chris Hogan.
Joe Gendron Ramsey Preferred Coach Agile Coaching Strategies LLC

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